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"It's hard to put into words what working with Johnny has meant for me. I've sat with him for many ceremonies, and each one has been life-altering for me. I was nervous my first time, wondering if I was crazy to be meeting with a stranger for a first-time experience. The moment I met Johnny, all of my concerns were washed away. It was like seeing an old friend again. The way his energy instantly puts you at ease is indescribable, and so helpful while you're in ceremony with him. Johnny has a way of holding space for you that makes you feel safe and supported while also giving you the space to process and work through things on your own. When you speak, he listens. When you feel a need for guidance, he somehow knows exactly what to say. I'm forever grateful to the universe for crossing my path with his."

- Alex R.

"I have had the honor of sitting twice in ceremony with Johnny. His gentle, intuitive guidance allows me to feel safe, respected, vulnerable, and open to discovery. Humble and deeply connected to Spirit, Johnny holds space for each souls’ unique experience by setting clear boundaries, encouraging curiosity, and letting the medicine be the teacher. I have sat with other guides; I never felt the level of trust and inner wisdom that I have with Johnny. Weaving and creating a place for expansion, transformation, and beauty is only possible when the energy is aligned and harmonious. Johnny walks the shaman’s path, and we benefit from his journey of service." 

- Anne

"He gradually brought me in; I went under three times. When you first go under, you’re desperately fighting your consciousness to relinquish control, which I couldn’t do the first time, but the second time I got a glimpse. The third time. Holy shit.

I met the universe. I felt love, sadness, pain and healing all simultaneously.

I have never felt such gratitude and love for humanity. It was amazing.

I completely let go. I had so much pain and trauma trapped inside of me, the way it came out was intense. At one point I crawled in the shamans (Johnny) lap sobbing. I looked in his eyes and saw myself and all of my ancestors looking back and me and gave me permission to heal.

I can honestly say I felt unconditional love tonight. I know what true, unapologetic love feels like now and there is nothing like it. Love from the universe, strangers, God, myself.

Every single human should experience this. It changes your perception of our reality.

---I was nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I can assure you there is nothing to be nervous about. She is kind and she is love, she wants to guide you. 

When Johnny took me in the first time, I fought it. I was completely lucid. I thought, well I must be broken or immune; I can’t feel anything”. I laid back and saw a few colors on the wall,  but nothing more. 

I sat up, he offered medicine again. The second time I did go under, but still fought it. I was in the void for 30 seconds or so in the white space, came back and curled up on my side and that’s when I felt her. My little girl. The trauma and pain was buried so deep she begged me to go again and fully let go. Johnny was doing reiki on me, clearing my energy and energetically taking on my pain. He was also walking around playing instruments and singing. I felt warm and I trusted him fully at this point. 

The third time; I become one with the universe. I entered the void in a kaleidoscope  of black and light. I let go completely. I let myself float and my physical body do whatever it wanted to do. I made deep guttural groans and pushed all the air from my lungs in a higher pitch (Grace said it sounded like a happy squeal; but when I reflect back on it, it was a mix of breathy screaming and me saying WOW and purging my heart chakra; I was floating/flying through the void.) my arms flailed, I sat up multiple times and laid back down and then it happened. 

I curled into my ball and started to weep. I have not wept since loosing my Dad. I crawled in Johnny's lap and let it all go. I held his head and cried into his hair. He held me and took on my pain. The only time I felt fear was when I got out of the fetal position, on to my hands and knees and everyone was frozen in time with a pleasant smile on their face and multiple beings represented with the same faces of everyone in the room (there were 9 forms in the room). Johnny grabbed my gaze and we stared in each others eyes. My face and his face morphed. We were one in that moment.

The immense gratitude for life and unconditional love was overwhelming and flowed through me and all of those physically present in the room. I ended my session with many hugs and tears of love and gratitude.

I didn’t realize I had so much trapped trauma and pain. Releasing it while allowing myself to honor and fully experience it with every fiber of my physical and spiritual form was the most intense and beautiful moment of my life."

- Nicole C.

"I have been searching for the last couple of years for different ways to improve, learn, and truly find myself. I have studied some of the most intelligent people on the planet growing so much along the way. I still have so far to go. We all have certain elements that make up what we believe, what we do, and ultimately who we are. I've been searching over dozens of journeys to try to unlock those things. I have suppressed more happenings in my life than I ever should have.


When I found out that I was able to partake in an assisted journey I knew I needed to. It was so beautiful. I could feel the love and connection flooding the room. I could not have picked a better environment or guide. This is absolutely the real deal passed through the generations of remarkable people. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to dive into the deepest darkest parts of myself. What I needed to face was there up front, I found myself able to understand it. I saw the thing inside that I created over the years. I was able to befriend the parts of me that were literally fighting for my attention/control over me in such a negative way.


I truly believe that if everyone decides to do this the entire world will end up differently. So many lives that have been lost or drugged by the pharmaceutical companies, society and misinformation would be saved. Experiences like this will unlock all the doors that we have barricaded through this life.


I cannot thank you guys enough for the experience that I've had. I feel the light inside of me burning so bright it would be impossible to put out.


Thank you from the bottom of my soul."

- Josh P.

"I had the honor of being guided by Cesar and my good friend Johnny. Both of them were so present, kind, and open. They allowed me and others to truly get in touch with our true selves. I've never felt so calm yet free in my life. It's truly remarkable how deeply connected we all are to not only nature, but to the extensive fabric of the cosmos. I highly recommend seeing them to heal. Aho."

- Josh L.

"About a month ago I did a ceremony with Johnny Nunez. He held space for me while I smoked a potent psychedelic I had never done before. It was a powerful and healing experience which took me out of my usual mind.

Johnny was very present and caring the whole time. He made me feel safe and loved throughout the session which lasted half an hour or so.

The experience was healing. I am chronically OCD and have been noticeably less so since the experience. 

I also notice that my heart is more open now. I am more loving and forgiving. I am glad I did the ceremony and I intend to do another one soon."

- Jeff T.

"I feel so lucky to have been introduced to Johnny and even more fortunate to have the opportunity to sit with him in multiple plant medicine ceremonies. Johnny embodies the spirit of peace, strength, and love and his presence in my process continues to be an integral part of my own healing journey. If you are looking for a combination of gentleness and strength, humility and courage, and a deep reservoir of trust and inner-knowing, then I would highly recommend Johnny. He is a psychedelic guide that leaves his ego at the door. His commitment to service and reverence for the great mystery is something I’m eternally grateful for."

- Travis S.

"Johnny and Kelsey at Moksha Healing Center facilitate a beautiful, safe, and loving ceremony. They are clearly devoted to service, their actions are grounded in compassion, and they show a deep trust of both the medicine and the participant's inner healing process. 


I have been a mental health professional facilitating psychedelic therapy for many years, and in that time I have never seen such a wonderfully balanced reverence of both Western and Indigenous methods of inquiry.

The authenticity, humility, respect, and gratitude these healers embodied was truly inspiring, and has indelibly changed my own practice as a psychedelic therapist."


- Reed, Psychedelic Social Worker 

"I have had the beautiful opportunity of sitting with Johnny on two separate occasions, each offering me the biggest growth I've experienced to date. I met myself, I met the universe, I met my ego. I met God. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, each of which I'll be integrating for a long time. 

Johhny was a beautiful steward of sacred space, of compassion, of love and of intuition. His presence is one that is felt and appreciated beyond words.

I'll forever have Gratitide for the ways he showed up, and for the opportunity to sit in this space.

Aho. 🙏"

- Amber 

"When choosing to do a ceremony with such powerful medicine, having a knowledgeable facilitator or Shaman that is pure in intention and knows how to keep their center amidst any chaos is essential. Johnny radiates these qualities, I felt so safe, so guided and supported through my entire medicine journey from the preparation to the aftermath of integration. It was truly an ineffable experience in which Johnny facilitated so beautifully. I was able to surrender myself to the medicine completely as my body and mind felt safe to let go in the space he created. I would recommend Johnny to anyone feeling the call to intentionally embark in a medicine ceremony."

- Gabriella P.

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