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Hape & Cacao Ceremony

+ song circle

Guided by: Johnny Nuñez
Donation: 35


 Sat. March 9 at 6pm 

Are you hearing the call?

This ceremonial experience is designed to help us go inward with the support of sacred medicines, music and the spirit of community. The ceremony opens with a group sharing of prayers and intentions, then we serve hapè, a sacred Amazonian snuff with meditative and cleansing properties. Hapè is a blend of tobacco (nicotiana rustica) and other sacred medicinal plants from ancient tribal tradition. This medicine supports us by clearing stagnant energy and brightening the spirit. Hapè provides access to heightened states of consciousness, deep insights, and illuminating clarity. 


After hapé, we will serve cacao which helps soothe the heart and creates a deeper state of relaxation. Our cacao elixir follows a traditional Mayan ceremonial recipe which helps to dissolve emotional barriers and create more space for love, compassion, and healing.

We will experience the soothing sounds of live instruments, including crystal singing bowls, the handpan, drums, chimes, and harmonium. We will also offer a traditional song circle where you can participate through voice and musical instruments. 


 Every element of our ceremonial space is thoughtfully designed to enhance your connection to the divine and facilitate a transformational experience.



45 Powderhorn Place

Longmont, CO 80504

Time of ritual: 6-9pm. Please arrive by 6:45pm to settle in.


Cash or Venmo payment accepted

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