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Hapé Ceremony

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3 hr


Service Description

Experience the ancient tribal tradition of hapé, a sacred Amazonian snuff known for its meditative properties. Our hapé ceremonies create the space for you to step into a profound and personalized journey of self-discovery. Immerse yourself in a carefully curated ambiance that honors the traditions and wisdom of the Amazonian tribes. Every element of our ceremonial space is thoughtfully designed to enhance your connection to the divine and facilitate your transformational experience.


Our experienced and compassionate facilitators hold a deep understanding of hapé and its purifying and grounding qualities. This plant medicine helps clear stagnant energy and offers access to heightened states of consciousness, deep insights, and illuminating clarity. Our guides create a safe and supportive space for the depth of this dealing. Ceremonies will take shape according to your unique needs and intentions, ensuring a deeply personal and meaningful journey. Your guide will connect with where you are in your journey to elicit the spiritual growth and personal transformation you are seeking.


Book your private hapé ceremony today and experience the depth and wisdom of your own being.

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