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Cacao Ceremony

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3 hr


Service Description

Let us gently dip you into a deep state of relaxation and soothe your heart with sacred sounds and aromatic cacao. Our cacao elixir honors a traditional shamanic recipe, designed to activate your heart center and reconnect you with the force of love that unifies us with the universe. Complemented with a euphonic blend of instruments, you will be safely guided into your own being to access a profound sense of well-being and bliss. We will take you on a journey through the senses through the soothing sounds of live instruments, including crystal singing bowls, the handpan, drums, chimes, and more. 


The synergistic combination of cacao and sound therapy helps release stagnant energy, promoting energetic flow and balance within your being. Cacao has the unique ability to unlock the heart center, inviting love, compassion, and emotional healing. The soothing vibrations of the sound bath provide a nurturing space for emotional release, inner healing, and personal transformation. You will feel gentle yet profound shifts as you release what no longer serves you and relax into renewed vitality and clarity. Our group ceremonies cultivate a sense of unity, fostering connections and a shared journey toward personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Join us at Moksha Healing Center for an extraordinary group cacao ceremony and sound bath experience. Embark on a sensational journey, leading you out of the mind and into the heart. 

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