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Discover Profound Truth Through Holistic Healing

Our services blend sacred, ancient traditions with cutting-edge science to synthesize humanity's most powerful and effective methods, all tailored to you to fully release potent healing and transform your life.

•  Integration Support

•  Hapé Ceremonies

•  Plant medicine ceremonies

You are not alone.

Suffering leaves no one unscathed. Whether it is mental or physical illness, loss, loneliness, failure, financial hardship, or unsatisfied desires, life has surely introduced you to pain.

Life's challenges can bring us to our knees. We may be left wondering if the universe is a hostile place, afraid that we may never know the warmth and safety of unconditional love. We may find ourselves feeling as though we have exhausted every route, from therapy to medication, only to be left with a sense of emptiness, worthlessness, or despair. How can any of us be expected to work with this? Where do we turn when life twists into an unbearable experience? There has to be a way, but we just can't find it.

The solution is bizarrely simple. Our own inner-wisdom is the secret door to profound, infinite healing. Moksha Healing Center is a sanctuary of guidance, created to help you unlock this wisdom to alchemize suffering into gentle yet deeply profound spiritual growth. Our skilled practitioners have dedicated their lives to studying, developing, and mastering shamanic traditions and evidence-based practices to bring back the most powerful yet practical tools that will equip you to experience newfound joy, beauty, and wonder in your life. 

Our Team

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Johnny Nuñez spent ten years journeying with psychedelics and studying Eastern philosophy to explore the nature of consciousness and the meaning of enlightenment. He then embarked on an apprenticeship with a shaman from Mexico. He has since received 5 years of immersive training to serve and facilitate sacred ceremonies. His training has embraced the traditions of the Shipibo tribes and cultures across the Southern Hemisphere to integrate ancient practices that support deep transformation and healing. Through this work, he discovered a talent for working with music to organize chaos and convey the harmony of life.


Everything Johnny has experienced on this path has nurtured a realization of the truth that enlightenment exists only in the present moment, and that full healing is accessible to everyone through awareness alone. He is dedicated to reminding people of their inherent connection to source, and their power to harness this connection to cultivate peace and to create a rich and meaningful life. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take years of rigorous discipline, and it is never out of reach. His devotion to service embodies this wisdom, carrying an energy of radical acceptance and unconditional love. 

Founder & Guide
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Cesar Blanco was born in Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico, and hails from a lineage of healers. This ancestral connection has afforded him the opportunity to embark on energetic, spiritual, and ceremonial endeavors since his early years.

Over the course of the last 15 years, he has devoted himself to the service of consciousness, holding master plant ceremonies in Brazil, the United States, and Mexico. His journey of learning and initiation commenced in the Peruvian jungle within the Shipibo tradition, expanding to embrace teachings from the Colombian and Brazilian jungles. Notably, he obtained permissions from the grandparents of various traditions.

In 2011, Cesar Blanco established Alkimiya and inaugurated his medicine house in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. This visionary project has left a profound impact on thousands of individuals through his ceremonies, personal consultations, and medicine music.

Beyond his spiritual and shamanic pursuits, César has completed three university degrees in communication, advertising, and media. These academic endeavors have equipped him with the means to amalgamate and disseminate his messages to a broader audience.

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Kelsey Buxton initially found roles of service on the path of social work, wherein she worked closely with individuals struggling with homelessness, addiction, food insecurity, and recidivism. She also obtained a bachelor's degree in Sociology. Then, feeling called to offer healing on a much deeper level, she began turning toward her spiritual community, working with a seasoned shaman, and embarking on deep inner exploration. The use of psychedelic plant medicines, personal studies of Eastern philosophy, years of meditation practice, and navigation of intense grief and shadow work all supported her in stepping into the role of the healer. 


This work allowed Kelsey to develop an intimate understanding of life and the full spectrum of the human experience, from bitter suffering to joyous love. She balances the light and dark from a place of fearless trust in each person’s process, celebrating our unbreakable connection to an infinite and undying source of consciousness. With a soft yet radiant feminine energy, she channels the gentle light of unconditional love and compassion to guide others back to their own hearts. She aims only to remind us what our innermost being already knows, and invokes this wisdom to show others how to fall in love with life.


Anne S.

"Humble and deeply connected to Spirit, Johnny holds space for each souls’ unique experience by setting clear boundaries, encouraging curiosity, and letting the medicine be the teacher. I have sat with other guides; I never felt the level of trust and inner wisdom that I have with Johnny." 
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